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Our goal is to make customers feel they’re secured

Why Dennis-Dennis? Simply because we WORK! Our smart approach to risk management especially in internal control and audit delivers excellent results, be it from internal control and audit perspective or a business management and fraud reduction perspective. How?

We provide an outsourced internal control and audit services team at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees. This approach helps you lower the cost of internal control services, as well as significantly reduces the number of internal control and audit solutions' providers, which also reduces resources waste and increases coordination and productivity.

We plan and implement integrated business and risk management strategies to minimise revenue losses from business risk, boost risks awareness, engagement, and generate risk awareness cultural within your organisation.

We audit your business operations to identify business strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats agenda of competitions and implementation and provide prompt recommendations, adaptations, and changes related to KPIs.

More We Can Offer

Here are 8 reasons why you should consider outsourcing your internal control and internal audit services of your financial services business:


Save time on interviewing and hiring internal control and audit personnel.


Save thousands of cedis /dollars on recruiting full-time internal control and audit personnel. employees in salaries and benefits.


Save thousands of cedis / dollars in operational expenses from running an internal control and audit department.


Save time and efforts in micro-managing an internal control and audit team and following up on day-to-day matters.


Get access to innovation, creativity and novelty through a highly-knowledgeable, multi-disciplinary team.


Get access to a wide spectrum of specialized services (from enterprise risk management to business risk strategy and more.


Enjoy the flexibility of changing your internal control and audit team when you feel results are not up to expectations without having to fire employees or pay indemnities.


Get access to an experienced team of professionals who knows their way around the tricks and ins and outs of internal control and audit functions.

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Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission is: To empower every member of the financial services market to live a simple and effective risk management lifestyle. We develop professionals to have proficiency in risk management and to deliver practical and cost effective risk management solutions to our stakeholders working in the financial markets of the globe


To make risk management a lifestyle amongst financial markets professionals in Africa by the year 2040 We are building an institution where our team think outside the box to offer simple and cost-effective outsourced risk management services in finance, operations, strategy and management to all financial services businesses to create a better risk management lifestyle for the people in Africa by the year 2040


Our people stands for Truth and demonstrate Integrity and Responsiveness as way of life in conducting our professional duty. Professionals who build international brand with International proficiency in risk management. Underpinning our professionalism across communities, nations and continents is Multicultural awareness.