Our Services

Internal Control and Internal Audit Services

Social and Economic Research

Fraud Examiners, fraud Investigations and Prevention Services

Executive Capacity Building

Corporate Strategy and Management and Corporate Re- organisation

Forensic Accounting Services

Legal Testimony

Business Development and Business Promotion Services

Enterprise Risk Management Services

Legal support services

  • Train Legal Counsels in Cross Examination
  • Consultant Opinion
  • Expert Witness services
  • Damage Valuation and Certification
  • Legal Testimony

Experts in Financial Risk Management in Medical Insurance

  • Audit Medical Insurance Scheme
  • Assess and audit premium sources
  • Financial Investment analysis
  • Identify scheme leakages and pluck leakages
  • Investment risk management

Tax Management Services

  • We mitigate your tax audit risks
  • We take control of your tax audit, be it personal or business
  • We resolve your tax examination issue
  • We offer post-audit/dispute resolution services
  • We provide legal advice for all tax matters

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Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission is: To empower every member of the financial services market to live a simple and effective risk management lifestyle. We develop professionals to have proficiency in risk management and to deliver practical and cost effective risk management solutions to our stakeholders working in the financial markets of the globe


To make risk management a lifestyle amongst financial markets professionals in Africa by the year 2040 We are building an institution where our team think outside the box to offer simple and cost-effective outsourced risk management services in finance, operations, strategy and management to all financial services businesses to create a better risk management lifestyle for the people in Africa by the year 2040


Our people stands for Truth and demonstrate Integrity and Responsiveness as way of life in conducting our professional duty. Professionals who build international brand with International proficiency in risk management. Underpinning our professionalism across communities, nations and continents is Multicultural awareness.