We are Chartered Management Accountants, Chartered Bankers, Chartered Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners and Investigators, Certified Forensic Accountants, Certified Financial Consultants, Actuarial Analyst. Tax and Legal Consultants. We offer one-stop-shop services for all your business needs. We are catalysts for business growth and success.

Our identity is professionals coming together to work for a common purpose. This sense of collective professional effort towards a common and a shared vision is our underlying philosophy

Dennis –Dennis isn’t just a job— we are a family, and we carry that spirit together in everything we do. We live the Dennis-Dennis Way.

Dennis-Dennis's leadership is comprised of a number of groups and committees, including Executive Officers, the Board of Directors, and the Management Committee.

Executive Officers

Our Executive Officers, the President and Chief Operating Officer, are responsible for the success and long term sustainability of The Dennis-Dennis Management Consulting. Together, they recommend the company’s strategies to the Board of Directors. As co-chairs of the Management Committee, they develop the annual business plan and oversee its implementation.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the high-level strategy of the firm, ensuring that it is managed in a manner consistent with its vision and values, and preserving Dennis-Dennis’s long-term value for future leaders.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for the day-to-day management of the firm, strategy implementation, ensuring the successful execution of business plans, and addressing firm-level issues and opportunities.


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Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission is: To empower every member of the financial services market to live a simple and effective risk management lifestyle. We develop professionals to have proficiency in risk management and to deliver practical and cost effective risk management solutions to our stakeholders working in the financial markets of the globe


To make risk management a lifestyle amongst financial markets professionals in Africa by the year 2040 We are building an institution where our team think outside the box to offer simple and cost-effective outsourced risk management services in finance, operations, strategy and management to all financial services businesses to create a better risk management lifestyle for the people in Africa by the year 2040


Our people stands for Truth and demonstrate Integrity and Responsiveness as way of life in conducting our professional duty. Professionals who build international brand with International proficiency in risk management. Underpinning our professionalism across communities, nations and continents is Multicultural awareness.